Sunday, November 23, 2008

Gender analysis

The Gender Analyzer is an interesting tool trained to identify blogs written by men vs. women. On the first analysis of my blog, I got this result:
We think is written by a man (86%).
86% isn't good enough. The rest of this page is dedicated to beefing up my parsable masculinity.

baseball football boxing fighting broads dames chicks girls boobs butts fantasy football beer beer beer beer broads chicks dames women boobs tits

I'm going to publish this post and see what happens.

Update: no dice. This page didn't help. However, I created a new page titled "Women", with these contents: hockey football baseball women.

The result?
We think is written by a man (87%).
Sweet. I just need a few more posts titled "Boobs", "Butts", "Hockey", and "UFC", and I might be all-man.

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