Sunday, November 02, 2008

The Vast, Suffocating Importance of Being Me

Having titled this post, I'm uncertain what to write.

Summary: I'm recommitting myself to a blog; a full blog, all about me and my life, integrating personal anecdotes, politics, software, and whatever else I feel like writing about.

Previously I had a software-only blog, and this blog was only politics. Time to integrate the disparate spheres of my existence.

Why? For all of my fans. All one of them. I love me, and me loves I.

pause for effect

sign for applause


Whatever humor this post held is rapidly running out of the holes in the premise. Keep 'em short - that's my new motto. Attention-deficit publishing. Sound-bite mini-essays. Yeah. I'm sure no one on the Internet has ever done that before.

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